Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fig and Coconut Cake : Best tea time delight for the fall.

So fall arrives, the sunny summer days are on the decline here in Paris, being replaced by the dark rapid fleeting clouds and the mundane rains. But with the winds, arrives the figs. It is the season of figs which starts in September and runs till October. So to have fresh figs, the period is really short and so we have to be quick to use up these juicy delicacies before they are converted to candied figs (called confit de figues in France) to be cherished with foie gras during the winter. So here is my recipe for a cake based on figs.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Homemade Confiture de Prunes (Plum Jam, French Style)

I surely do not have to give any introduction about plums. They grow all over the world from Japan and Asia up to the USA passing through Europe. But just a few points about the fruit must be mentioned. Firstly the plums are very seasonal and can be enjoyed only during summer and early fall. The season for the plums in the USA is generally from May up to September while those here in France (called the prunes, they are the European plums) are available in their best state from June to October. To savor their sweet taste even after the season, it is generally dried and rather known as prune (the French term for the fruit) in English. The other way is of course to convert them into a sweet jam to bring flavor to ones breakfasts.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Zafrani Pulao (Saffron Rice) for that special dinner.

A few recipes back there was a post on the Chicken Pulao (click here). Pulao is a rice dish which is common in many South and Central Asian cuisines and has the same roots as the Pilaf, the latter being more popular in Central Asia. As I mentioned in that previous post and I will re-quote it here. “There are numerous ways of cooking Pulao, and no particular traditional form, neither is there any particular ingredient for the pulao.” Though the word Pulao is believed to have a Sanskrit root and means cooking rice and meat together, over the centuries many vegetarian versions have evolved. One of the most popular vegetarian versions of the pulao is the Zafrani Pulao.