Sunday, April 16, 2017

Teenkona Vegan Nimki : A simple Bengali snack.

In India, lazy evenings are generally spent with tea and munching on snacks such as the namkeen. In Bengal we call it the nimki, and it is mainly a pie like dough, folded and then deep fried. In fact such nimkis can be devoured by a Bengali at any time during the day. They are generally stored in jars and nibbled upon, every time someone happens to pass the jar. Crispy and delicious they truly are 24/7 type snacks.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tandoori chicken wrap

Finally spring arrives in this part of the world, daffodils are out and blooming and temperatures have finally started to rise. Warm weather with clear skies usher in the wish to head out into the bright green parks, under the colorful cherry blossoms with a little picnic basket and enjoy the arrival of bliss. So how about some tasty delicious and quick dishes that can fit perfectly into those picnic baskets and can be devoured almost anywhere. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quick-fix simple chicken pulao

Pulao is a rice dish that has been an integral part of the Indian and other South Asian cuisine since the ancient era. The word "pulao" or "pallao" in Sanskrit meant cooking rice and meat together. The dish of course has same roots as the Pilaf, more common in Central Asia and Middle East. There are numerous ways of cooking Pulao, and no particular traditional form, neither is there any particular ingredient for the pulao. My recipe, keeping some basic methods intact, is a quick way to prepare meat and rice together resulting in a tasty, filling dinner.