Friday, January 27, 2017

Chocolate-rum-raisins muffins : Mitra's surprise for my birthday

It has been four months that I started this blog and sharing publicly my recipes.  Apart from the encouraging comments here and on other social media sites, I had no other way to understand if my effort of giving out tips and tricks on cooking is really helping the audience to create delicacies in their kitchens. It was my birthday this Wednesday and I finally got a firsthand proof that my recipes and tips can really help people to come up with delicious dishes. And it was Mitra who asserted this claim.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The perfect quotidian salad

As you must have already realized I love to cook, it is my passion.  And not only cooking, but cooking in the French style, with meat, butter and cream. But the basis of French cuisine is not in the butter and cream but rather in flavorsome dishes maintaining a perfect harmony of the ingredients and enhancing each of the respective essence.  So keeping that it mind, one must realize that preparing a simple salad may be quite tricky if you wish to have a harmonious balance of the different tastes and flavors that go into the dish. Often when I am not in the mood to prepare an elaborate dish, I make myself a simple salad, the most basic one. Apart from being a perfect balanced diet, it also is refreshing and delightful once in a while. So here is the recipe and procedure to prepare a harmonious basic salad with sausages.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sausage sauté

I just love meat-balls. You probably can understand that when you see my multiple recipes based on meatballs [see here 1,2]. They are quick to prepare, require less oil as they are not deep fried, and are versatile and they can be enjoyed simply as a snack food or can be added to any sauce or stew. They always enhance the flavor of the sauce or stew in which they have been added. However rolling those up from minced meat do require some work. So here is my cheat on the rolling part. Simply cut up a sausage into bite size pieces, and you have your alternative for meat balls.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

French style Roasted Eggplant

Eggplants are those unusual vegetables which can be very useful when one is trying to have a balanced meal. Eggplants like most vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. They also contain dietary fibers which are a must for a balanced diet. For more check these references [1,2]. So as I tried to cheat on my cooking time with some rapid sausage sautés (check recipe), I thought it apt to quickly prepare this eggplant roast to balance the diet. Here is the recipe for easy, simple yet flavorsome and tasty eggplant roast. I must say, this recipe is somewhat inspired from the different types of eggplant dishes that one can find around the French Riviera and which I loved when I tried them there.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A simple and healthy Guacamole.

The avocado is the fruit of a tree that originates from Mexico and has evidence of being cultivated for at least 7000 years. It was first mentioned in Europe around the 16th century and has since spread to almost all parts of the world. So why is it so popular? Simply because of its multiple health benefits and of course it being quite delicious if consumed in the right way. To start with the fruit contains at least 20 different vitamins and minerals mainly Vitamins K, C, B5, B6, Folate and a great source of potassium. [For detailed reference.] Avocados are also cholesterol and sodium free and more than 50% of its fat content comes from monosaturated fats [Detailed reference]. The dark green part of the fruit also contains carotenoids which act as anti-oxidants [Reference]. Avocados also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes and lower blood cholesterol levels [Scientific References 1,2]. Now let us come to eating this healthy and flavorsome fruit and I made a simple dish most commonly associated with avocados, the simple guacamole. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pancake Omelet Envelope (POE)

A simple weekend morning, Mitra had gone out to get the regular stuff from the supermarket and I was sitting around doing nothing, reading an already read short story by Edgar Allan Poe, when the idea to invent a weekend brunch recipe came upon me. Thus was born the dish POE, rather an acronym of Pancake Omelet Envelope. This can be thought of as a sequel to my quick and easy brunch ideas, the sausage cup cakes posted earlier on my blog. So here is the original recipe of POE. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Meat ball stew to warm up the winters.

It was one of those usual Sunday mornings but I woke up a bit early to go to the farmers' market. In spite of my early rise and reaching the market early, I found a big queue at my favorite meat vendor. So I changed my plan of buying some veal and rather opted for minced pork from another meat vendor, the advantage that one has when they don't have any dietary restrictions in terms of health or religion. Keeping in mind the winter chill, I made a Pork meatball stew to warm both of us up a bit. This stew is low in calories compared to other main dishes, given there is no butter/cream involved, yet perfectly refreshing for a chilling winter dinner. In fact I tried a similar recipe in Austria during my ski vacation and it helped to retain heat in our bodies at -15°C. The detailed recipe is as follows.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Indian chicken curry in a hurry.

When I am in a hurry but wish to cook something with Indian spices, this is a something that I make for a regular dinner. It is simple, tasty yet not at all high on fat and more importantly quite rapid. I prefer doing it with breast pieces with bones because the bone-marrow adds flavor to the curry. But make sure you deskin the chicken because generally for Indian curries the skin prevents the spices from incorporating into the flesh. If the skin is kept, the spices get trapped on the skin and the flesh becomes bland. This dish is also made keeping my Bengali roots in mind where people generally add potatoes to chicken curries. So here is the recipe for my version of the Indian chicken curry in a hurry.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

14 Tips for a perfect succulent juicy roasted chicken which I learned in France.

A perfectly roasted chicken is a delight to eat with friends and family at any dinner party. But if it’s not done in a proper way, the final product will turn out to be a dry rubbery piece of meat and that’s a nightmare for all. During my stay in the Paris region for the last 6 years, I had the opportunity of speaking to many locals, some of whom are known to make the perfect roast. From them I have gathered ample little tips and owing to these I have been able to master the art of roasting a chicken perfectly. As one says that sharing is caring I thought of sharing some tips on roasting a chicken that is juicy and succulent. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Versailles shrouded in mist : A visit to the Royal gardens in winter.

A hunting lodge built by King Louis XIII in 1623 was transformed into a royal palace by Louis XIV in the 1660s, now stands as a majestic monument, as a reminder of the royal grandeur of the Old Regime, a symbol of Imperial France and an ode to the revolutionary epoch, the deterioration and revival in the post World War 2 era to revive the glory of the vast expanses of the Royal Castle and gardens that lay roughly 30 kms from the center of Paris.