Saturday, July 29, 2017

Creperie Gigi : For your unique crepe experience.

You must have noticed that among all French delicacies, my favorites are the thin, crispy delights, the crepes and galettes. You can even find my own recipe for making the perfect galettes here. Thus among all my restaurant huntings across Paris and elsewhere in France, the creperies top the list. My quest for some of the best French crepes in Paris has taken me through more than half of the arrondissements of Paris, made me taste some smooth, soft, thin and crispy crepes as well as some biscuit like or rag like crepes. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Quiche minute sans pâte : Rapid, easy Quiche

This post is about one of the most popular French snacks, the Quiche. Here in France some consider it as a cake, in fact the Quiche is almost a salty cake, others consider it as a complete meal, served with salad, most like it hot, some warm and some even prefer it cold just like a cake. Well, in all the quiche is something everyone in France who knows how to cook has made at least once, everyone that do not know how to cook has tried making it at least once and for most of the latter group it is quiche that they try out first before moving onto something tougher like Foie gras, rognon, truffe noire et écrasé de pommes de terre…. Ok! Now let us get back to our recipe in question, a quiche, not exactly, it is a simpler rapid version of the French delicacy, a quiche without the crust.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Angelina : The perfect Parisian tea break you should never miss.

It is time for a restaurant review and if you follow my blog, you will see that so far I have introduced you to some unique places where you can have some typically French gastronomical delights. But during a visit to Paris, one also needs some pit-stops, a short break in a tea room to recharge oneself before heading out to explore this wonderful city. If you are looking for a historic, typically Parisian, one of a kind tea-room, then Angelina is for you. Angelina is also a brand in itself. Whether you like it or not, you should visit it at least once during your visit to Paris. It is more than just a break, it is something that should also be in your “must see,, must taste” list. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pesto Sauce with a Sicilian twist.

I suddenly realized that my blog can boast of numerous traditional French recipes, owing to France being the home country of this blog, many Indian (especially Bengali) recipes owing to my origin being India, however I may have inadvertently overlooked our neighbors, the Italian cuisine, which however proudly has many delicacies and delightful recipes. So this time I thought of making something typically Italian, which is also quite popular outside Italy, the Pesto sauce.