Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ristorante Napoletano : A taste of Naples in Paris.

In Paris, you surely search for French cuisine, and you will find a number of them that can please your palates. But how about our Italian neighbors? Pizza is one of those European foods that is known and consumed all over the world. So it is quite common that once you land in a European city, even outside Italy, you may search for that perfect pizzeria, which serves the ideal pizza, with a soft, thin crust and delicious toppings. So did I a long time ago, in Paris. Well here is your answer to the search for one of the best pizzerias of Paris, and you can find it just around the corner of the famous, posh Champs Elysees. 

Location : Ristorante Napoletano was started in 1988 and is located on 18 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a few steps from the metro Franklin Roosevelt, of Champs Elysees in the 8th Arrondissement. The restaurant is open on weekdays from 12-2.30 P.M. and 7-10.30 P.M. and closed on weekends.

Neapolitan Pizza : As the name suggests the restaurant is inspired by the cuisine of Naples. In fact the pizza here is made in the traditional style of Naples and I can assure you it tastes as good as the famous Naples pizza. What is important to note is that the pizza here is made in real wood fire and one can see the oven itself in the dining hall. 

The best crust : The crust is probably unique in itself and guards the traditional style of the best pizzas from Naples. Thus it is swollen on the edge and crunchy, while at the center of the pizza, the crust is thin and light. 

We can safely say that the pizza crust here is one of the best you will get in Paris.

Unique flavors : For the toppings, there are of course a lot of options, and the pizzas generally range from 19-22€. The portion is medium to large and is perfect for one person or rather two can be shared three. The mozzarella to start with is of premium quality and what I loved the most is that they add fresh basil to the tomato and this adds a unique flavor to the pizza which I would surely be returning for. 

A bit crowded: The only problem is that like most other good Parisian restaurants, this one is also cramped for space. The tables are close together, and given the popularity and the quality of the food here, there is always a lot of people throughout the day. So you may find it a bit noisy, in case you are planning a romantic dinner. It is also always advised to take reservation before turning up at the restaurant. 

Friendly reception : The staff here is very friendly and will welcome you with a smile, no matter how busy they may be from all the running around that must be done to get the perfect pizza to your table. And the service was really rapid, we had our pizzas ready in about ten minutes. 

Decor : The décor is typical of any Italian pizzeria and may be a bit mundane, however with the delicious food in front, you hardly will have the desire to look at the décor. 

A must visit : This is of course on of the best pizzerias of Paris, and for me, the best pizza crust that you will find here in the city and truly lives up to its name Napoletano. 

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